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Last.fm scrobbler for cmus music player


This program is a standalone scrobbler for submitting tracks to the Last.fm from the cmus music player. Now it fully supports Scrobbling 2.0 protocol, which means you can enjoy the "Listening now" notification from your favorite music player :).

If your discography is correctly tagged (at least artist and title) everything should be just fine... but if not, you can turn on parse file name option during the configuration process. With this option enabled, cmusfm will try to guess artist name and song title from the file name. Required file name format is: "$ARTIST - $TITLE.ext", where '.ext' is file extension, e.g. "The Beatles - Yellow Submarine.ogg".

For all stream lovers: if you want to scrobble music from an Internet radio this app is just for you. Just turn on submit tracks played from radio option (during the configuration). However, note that this stream has to supply played track information in the title field (the same format as described above for the file name parsing), which most modern Internet radios do. Regardless to this option, the "Listening now" notification is still enabled.

And now last (but not least) bits of information. If your computer is not permanently connected to the Internet or network connection is broken, all tracks which should be submitted are saved for later submission, isn't it nice? Also, due to its simplicity, cmusfm has very small memory footprint.

Compilation and installation

Compilation process is based on the "make" tool. Simply extract tar.bz2 file and type make inside cmusfm-x.x.x directory. Because network interface in this program is based on the libcurl library you will need it for the compilation process. After that run the compiled program without any arguments and follow the instructions.